I grew up in a loving, Christian home. I was saved at the age of 5 when I asked my mom what the word “Christian” meant that I kept hearing on the radio. It seemed that I used to ask about words I didn’t know when I was a kid. My mom led my brother and I in prayer after explaining how Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Skip ahead to my teen years, I went to youth group where I heard some terrifying news. I found out that if I didn’t have every sin confessed and I got into a car accident on the way home, I’d go to hell – I misunderstood salvation. Well, that news just made my life miserable for the next 30+ years, putting me in a cycle of guilt, trying to attain something that was impossible.

Then, it occurred to me that I saw plenty of people who were saved, but were happy. How could that be? How come they didn’t feel like I did?

So… I asked God to answer that question for me, and…

He did.

And he did it in a way that was gentle and peaceful.

You see, before that, around 2008, I didn’t step away from God, but I stepped away from the church. I needed a break, and that was the time I needed to really understand God and get real answers. I was hungry, but I needed some space to explore and understand.

The part of my journey where God began to teach me about salvation was the best time in my life. I remember when I finally understood the full realization of God’s grace, and when I’d have a few minutes in my day when I wasn’t busy, it would all just hit me again and I’d bust out in tears. Knowing that ALL my sins are forgiven – past and future – put me in a place where the magnitude of God’s grace was completely overwhelming. It was then that I got peace and freedom. I still get teary-eyed now when I think about God’s grace for me.

After that, it was still a struggle, though. I desperately wanted to know that what I discovered was true. You could say I really earned my helmet of salvation. The struggle was that not everyone understands this.

The gospel is “just Jesus” and not Jesus plus work we have to do. According to Ephesians 2:8-9 (my now favorite verse), it’s just Jesus. Saying it’s him plus anything else is a slap in his face after he gave his life for us. I think that’s pretty serious, actually, and it’s something not everyone understands for whatever reasons.

A relationship with God has many levels. Just being at like level 0 all the time is where the Devil wants us – where we’re not effective. It’s time to bust open that lie!

How I Came Up With This Website

Years ago, back in the 1990s, before I really knew anything besides just living in guilt, I had a chance to witness to a friend. I failed MISERABLY. That statements I regurgitated from church actually made no sense when questioned. I didn’t have answers – just the catch phrases.

Worst of all… I didn’t really know what I believed!

Now that I understand God’s grace and salvation, I wanted to make sure I had it down so I could tell others with a clear understanding. That’s when I went to work on a note in my phone. I kept working on it, adding in pieces, editing, adding more, etc. and what you see here is the result of 2+ years of working on it. Some nights, I’d spend an hour or more on it. I probably will make more adjustments, too.

Is it perfect? Maybe not.

Am I a Bible scholar? No.

It is what I believe. I’ve used scripture to back it up. For me, using the Passion Translation (which focuses on grace more) is what worked for me. Will this angle/view on salvation work for everyone? Maybe not. We’re all different people with different journeys.

Even so, I strongly feel God has told me to release it (in August 2023). I’ve had some confirmation that what is here has some value. It also helps me accomplish what I set out to do – help others who maybe struggle with salvation or don’t have a way to explain it to someone. I don’t seek fame or anything like that – I’m just being obedient. This is my offering to God and it’s up to him to do with as he pleases.

That’s SIMPLY it.

A Few Notes About This Website

By the way, you might notice I really don’t capitalize pronouns for God like “He” and “Him” and all that. They was no capitalization in the original languages and, to me, it’s one of those weird things Christians do, which almost looks religious and like there’s some sort of club. I stay far away from all that. In my opinion, it’s WAY overdone where it’s like any, possible reference to God needs to be capitalized. Why did someone capitalize one word and not another? What extra meaning do I get? Not much. In the end, to me, having to capitalize every word that might, possibly refer to God seems religious and it makes things more difficult to read. If you capitalize every possible reference to God, that’s up to you, and I have no issue with it, but that’s not my preference. I’m simply accountable to one (God) and nobody else, and this is how I feel.

I’m not even sure I like the term “Christian” because a lot of bad things have been done under that title. I prefer “follower of Jesus” or something like that.

This website non-denominational, and not connected or affiliated with any group or organization.

If you’re wondering if you can donate to this website, the answer is no. I don’t need that. Just please tell others (share it) or link to it from your website – that would be much appreciated. Let’s get this word out there.

Becoming a Follower of Jesus

I pray that whomever comes across this website or gets a link from someone that God’s Holy Spirit opens their mind and their heart to him. It’s all about Jesus and he’s all about you. He loves you so much. He’s standing there, waiting for you to turn to him. Once you take that step of belief/faith, you’ll forever be changed.

Does salvation mean you’ll have a perfect life? No. In fact, it might cause you more trouble. Jesus’s disciples died horrible deaths. They were thrown in prison, mocked, and tortured. But guess what? You get unspeakable peace, joy, and freedom. God even talks to you. You’re no longer alone. It’s so great, and it’s hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t want direct communication and life from the God of all.

I invite you to seek God. If you reach out to him, he will reach out to you. He’s waiting.